AD-7200 Speaker

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Audionic AD-7200 is a 2.1 Channel speaker. Play Audio files directly from USB Flash Drive or SD/MMC Card. Even without connecting to PC or DVD/VCD Player. 

Audionic – The Sound Master is one of the most iconic business divisions of Dany Technologies Shenzhen, which is providing superior products for music lovers from over a decade.  Audionic is a well-known brand in the sound industry globally since 2001. From its establishment, Audionic has proven commitment towards quality and reliability that turned out capturing a major share in the market. Our agenda is to provide high quality and significant products and services to our customers. Audionic delivers vast range of multimedia solutions aiming to cater needs of a completely diversified set of the masses. Our trend is to bring products that are different, innovative, creative and at the ease of affordability for the consumer. With the little span of time Audionic has produced more than 200 products which are widely spread all over the world.  


2.1 Channel Speaker

HiFi SubWoofer

The Density subwoofer is capable to provide high class bass output.

2.1 Channel Sound

Included 2 Satellite Speakers to Handle higher frequency and 1 Sub-woofer for lower frequency. This combination makes extraordinary sound quality.

BassDuct Technology

Audionic AD-6200 Plus has the BassDuct is engineered to enhance the lower frequency range and provide high Bass Output.

Magnetically Shielded

AudionicAD-6200 Plus has the magnetically Shelded Sub-woofer Driver.

5.25" Subwoofer Drive Unit

Big Speaker, Big Base. This Speaker system has 5.25 Inch Sub-woofer.

Wooden Made

Wooden Made Sub-woofer body to enhance quality of Bass

 AD-7200 Speaker
 AD-7200 Speaker

Bass Duct Technology

Engineered to enhance the lower frequency and provide high Bass Output.


Beautiful Color to match your interior


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Haseeb Ahmed
This Is Incomplete Information, Not All Detail Mention (specification)
Too Much Misleading Info. Where Is Actual Output Power Written And Also What Is Size Of Subwoofer Driver Unit???