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The Hi-Density sub-woofer is a kind of speaker capable to provide high class bass output. It has a Big Base and Big Speaker and provides a perfect stereo Noise Suppression with superior high-fidelity sound. Audionic PACE 3 has USB playing Port, SD / MMC Slot and a Wireless Remote Control. The frequency response is 20Hz ~ 20KH.The speaker system has 4 Inch Sub-woofer.TheBassDuct is engineered to enhance the lower frequency range and provide high Bass Output. Audionic PACE 3 has high output power Upto 2500 Watts (P.M.P.O.) and it plays MP3 files directly from the Flash drive. You can enjoy music by plugging it in the SD/MMC Card in Card Slot. With 5.1 Channel Surround Sound, Audionic PACE 3 makes your time more enjoyable and gives maximum Entertainment. It has magnetically Shielded Sub-woofer Driver. In order to enhance the quality of base Sub-woofer body is made by woods.

5.1 Channel Sound

5.1 Channel Sound:

Audionic PACE 3 gives maximum Entertainment when watching Movies and Playing Video Games with 5.1 Channel Surround Sound.



It works with your woofer to bring a booming bass to the forefront of your system with the vents so it acts as a built in amplifier.



No need for a large amp taking up space. The vents in this enclosure naturally amplify the bass sound which lets you use a smaller amp for space saving efficiency.



The vents in this enclosure allow for increased air circulation, which cools your woofer, preventing overheating & ensuring long lasting performance.


The Wireless Remote Control:

The wireless remote control perfectly adjusts your Sound Output Levels.


 Pace 3 Speakers
 Pace 3 Speakers

Cinema at Home

Maximum Entertainment when watching Movies and Playing Video Games

Your favourite movies just got better

Colour that matches your Living Room Style

Pace 3 speakers are available in two different stylish colors Black and Brown.Brown is widely used in artistic works while black is the choice of most of the people. You can select the colors as per your choice or painting color of your room so it can add a beautiful look.

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drive unit

  • Sub woofer 90W (R.M.S)


  • 20Hz - 20KHz


  • Yes


  • 2500w (P.M.P.O)

micro sd card

  • yes

usb port

  • Yes


  • Yes


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Haseeb Ahmed
This Is Incomplete Information, Not All Detail Mention (specification)
Too Much Misleading Info. Where Is Actual Output Power Written And Also What Is Size Of Subwoofer Driver Unit???



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